About Us

Elem Technology Co., Ltd, established in 1988, is a precision CNC processing factory provide precision cnc machining services cnc milling cnc turning service in Changhua mainly for metal components.  Our main products are the Precision Optical Lens Mechanism Components and OEM manufacturer for Bicycle Precision Mechanism Components, including Cam Drum, Cam Ring, Pointer, Projector Metal Components and various metal components such as Side Cover, Hub Axles, Hub Quick Release, Tubing…etc., equipped with the Precision Machining Centers, Manipulators, CNC Lathe, CNC Milling M/C, Grinders and various precision testing instruments in our factory. 

Processing materials include:

Aluminum alloy processing, copper alloy processing, ferroalloy processing, engineering plastic processing.

Elem Technology Co., Ltd always holds the concept of fast production, stable quality standards, and on-time delivery services to meet the customers’ requirements along with customer-oriented service for sustainable management.